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BuilttoFlyCo was founded in 2016 by 2 lifelong friends who share a life experience growing upin the unique, rich and culturally diverse border region of San Diego-Tijuana.

Our philosophy represents success over the real struggle & hustle of everybody’s fight to reach for the peak.

We believe that expression is the #1 inter-social need of all human kind. We express our personality through many things but, mainly, by what we wear and how we wear it. Our emotions"are connected to our style of clothing, we feel how we dress and we dress how we feel.

Our clothing is a form of expression and describes who we are and what we stand for.

We are a brand with a social mission. We are here to influence all generations, but especially, the young generation, which is the most vulnerable in this neo-global phenomenon of self-distraction where most individuals pay attention to everything but themselves.

Our objective and goal are to revive the importance of paying attention to oneself and help you believe that you are Built to Fly.


Our Mission  is to encourage people to take a jump into life, owning their destiny and molding their path with vision and self-confidence onto their future. After all, we are all Built to Fly.


Our vision  is to be recognized as one of the major brand influencers of motivation wear in the universe.


Built to Fly is a philosophy of life. Comes from one´s inner core. Represents a belief in your ability to obtain all that is believes to be unobtainable to a nonbeliever.

Built to Fly is a combination of words that seal a capsule of self-confidence in all individuals. He or she who believes has been built rather than conceived, possesses the confidence that brings purpose to every move and every move represents a step in the ladder of success.

When you are Built to Fly, you encounter no barriers nor borders, you simply achieve and conquer.

There are no corners or dead ends; you Fly above all obstacles and cruise through the sky of a mindset, a mindset that makes you a winner in your conscience and in your heart.

Built to Fly Clothing and Apparel is designed and designated to create self-motivation and strengthen your belief in yourself, for the fearless and wise, for the unbreakable dreamer, for those who make things possible and can smell victory in every push, every rime, every swing, every layup, every kick and every punch.

“Built to Fly brand is for you...Because that´s what you are built for, you are Built to Fly”